Free World Money Sessions

August 10,2020

Wherever you go, you are there

Gift yourself 

August 31,2020 prt 1

money is not the problem

September 7, 2020

Viral Thinking

September 14,2020

One thing at a time

September 21, 2020

"Holding myself back" 

September 28,2020

Root Chakra repair

October 5,2020


October 12,2020
Exhaustion/ Overwhelm

Addressing and focusing on imbalances in the bodymind complex impacted by exhaustion and overwhelm.

Exhaustion and overwhelm tax you on many levels, cause imbalances to your body functionality, impacting your health and wellbeing. Continued stress lowers the nervous systems ability to heal making it more challenging to restore balance and recuperate. Exhaustion/ overwhelm may impact immune health, weight (gain or loss) sugar balance, fatigue, feelings of doom/dread, depression, heart health, blood pressure, increased mood swings, mental fog/ lack of focus, are a few ways the body communicates it requires support. The body has a natural, innate ability to heal itself, but with continued stress due to exhaustion and overwhelm the bodymind has a difficult time communicating, repairing, restoring your systems to homeostasis.

5 session package $250

per session $59.

Cost Price $625

allow 48 hours to receive recordings

Skeletal and Spinal Repair

October 19,2020

Gentle, lymphatic drainage

October 26,2020

Digestive Support

November 2,2020

Consciousness of Calm

November 9, 2020

Organizing and Planning- liver energy

November 16,2020

Wealth Consciousness

November 23,2020

Morning tune up

November 30,2020

Immune Function- Give yourself a boost

free world session Sept 15, 2020

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