Oddanie means devotion in Polish. In this case, Oddanie refers to devotion to Self, the Higher Consciousness aspects of you. It is complete self love, compassion and empathy.


In this healing modality created by Monika Marczuk, you are guided through your story regardless of its nature- be it pain ( physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), stress, memory,or some other block, via the 5 senses to experience yourself and discover the gold hidden deep within what ails you.


You will see your block, pain or stress from a different perspective, shedding new light on an old problem/issue healing then happens innately on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

"Monika has led me through the process of Oddanie several times since she created it. Each time, I have become more and more amazed at how effective and profound this modality is. The last time we did Oddanie together, we focused specifically on anxiety that I was experiencing. Within the first few minutes of perceiving the anxiety through the lens of Oddanie, my frustration and resistance to it completely shifted. This modality invites us to shine a new light on what we deem as the challenges in our lives. By getting in touch with the perceived challenges via a journey through the senses, the initial emotional charge that we might have had about them is allowed space to dissipate. What I love about Oddanie, is that it gives voice to the client’s innate intuition and healing wisdom. This intuition is what moves the session along, and is what leads to a new consciousness about whatever topic is being highlighted. Very empowering! I highly recommend this method!" A.F

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