Soul Responsibility
Face your Soul

Are you overwhelmed? Do you blame yourself and others? Do you struggle with relationships, money,work? Do you think you have no choice? Does right and wrong rule your life? 


Are you ready to shift your life and experience of it? Are you ready to learn new tools to change your life profoundly? 

Ready to move from living life through knee jerk reactions to living life with the ability to respond, choices, freedom?


 During a Soul Responsibility session I guide you through your story to find the root of what you are avoiding creating transformative shifts in perspective.

"The work that Monika has done with me is some of the deepest, most profound healing work I've ever experienced. If you truly want to get to the root cause of your health challenges, it is essential to go within to face the deep-seated beliefs, emotions, fears, and attitudes that could be contributing to your physical state. Each session, Monika has guided me through this process in the most supportive, loving, and empowering way.  I've come out of the sessions feeling 100 times lighter, happier, and stronger. After only 3 sessions, I feel like I have healed more, both physically and emotionally, than I've healed in the past two and a half years recovering from chronic illness. Thank you, Monika, for guiding me through this powerful process, and for helping me realize just how powerful and freeing it is to shine a light on the dark within."

Aniko Fisch

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private session

Introductory Soul Responsibility Talk Online and Interactive

Introductory talk and exploration of what responsibility is from your perspective. 

January 9th, 2021


$25 donation

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